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Mill Creek/ Scott Bar Community Fuel Break

Area to be treated

Project Name: Mill Creek/ Scott Bar Community Fuel Break

Status: Funded

Project Description

The proposed project is a shaded fuel break on both sides of Mill Creek Road on private lands. The width of the break is 100 feet on both sides of the road. Except were sensitive riparian areas fall within the project areas. These areas will be limbed only. The fuel break will consist of cutting all brush and trees less than 8 inches DBH and with a spacing of 16 to 20 feet. A combination of burning and chipping will be sued to dispose of the slash. Landowners may take firewood size logs for home heating.

The project will construct a 200 foot wide shaded fuel break (100 feet on both sides) along 2.58 miles of the lower end of Mill Creek Road (45N27) ending where the county road maintenance area begins.

• Residences will be protected along Mill Creek and in the Community of Scott Bar
• The forest service is planning projects on it’s holdings along the road that will create a continuous break for approximately 5 miles. By reducing fuels along this vital escape road and the fire starts will be slowed until response crews can come an fight the fire.
• In the event of a large fire driving residents out of the Scott River Corridor on Scott River Road the Mill Creek Road can be used to safely escape and enables response crews to more safely bring in crews and equipment with a safer escape route also.
• Summer time use by hunters, campers and miners will pose less risk with fire spread time increased due to the fuel break.
• Risk to the Marble Mountain Wilderness upslope will be reduced from fire originating along the Scott River Road and from permanent residences.

Volunteer fire dept 30-minute response time. Forest Service station only manned seasonally with crews often out of the area on project work, last season crew was 3o minutes away due to lack of supervisor position

FSC Collaborators

Klamath National Forest
Fruit Growers Supply Co.
Horse Creek Volunteer Fire Department
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
California Department of Forestry (CDF)
The Landowners of Community of Scott Bar/Mill Creek and the Scott River Corridor
Timber Products Company
Siskiyou County Road Department

Northern California Resource Center
P.O. Box 342 Fort Jones, California 96032

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Sugar Creek Water Yield Study

Scott River Cooperative Restoration Area

Scott Valley and Shasta Valley Watermaster District

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Quartz Valley Area Fire Safe Council

Rattlesnake Creek Fire Safe Council

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Scott River Watershed Coalition of Fire Safe Councils

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