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French Creek Fuel Modification Project

Project Name: The French Creek Fuel Modification Project

Status: UPDATE! Segment 1 Funded by the Siskiyou County RAC May 2006

Project Description:

The French Creek Fuel Modification Project will involve the construction of a 200 foot wide shaded fuel break around the wildland/urban interface.
The entire project plan includes treatment of a total of 169 acres. 15 acres of this project is currently in progress and will be completed by the industrial timberland owner. The project plan is divided into six segments and is based on considerations of topography, fuel types, human safety, and environmental considerations.

The present fuel loading in this core area of the French Creek watershed is extremely high, putting the area at risk for a catastrophic wildfire. Private ownership includes a residential community of approximately 75 residences and the JH Ranch.

The strategic location of the JH Ranch along the main French Creek Road and in the middle of the watershed makes it an ideal place for the development and access of water for community fire protection. The JH Ranch is a critical participant in the French Creek Fire Safe Council for the development of fire protection needs for the entire community.

Project segment priorities include:
1. Segment #1 (44 acres) - Funded and completed in March 2010
2. Segment #5 (36 acres)
3. Segment #2 (41 acres)
4. Segment #3 (9 acres)
5. Segment #4 (24 acres) will be completed by U.S. Forest Service
6. Segment #6 (15 acres) will be completed by Fruit Growers Supply Co.

The project will thin and remove vegetation less than 10” diameter at breast height to provide 20 foot spacing between trees. Leave trees will be limbed to a minimum of 8 to 12 feet above the ground. Leave trees immediately adjacent to roads will be limbed to a minimum of 15 feet above the ground. Treated fuels will be piled and burned or chipped.

FSC Collaborators:

California Department of Forestry (CDF)
Klamath National Forest
Scott Valley Fire Protection District
JH Ranch
Fruit Growers Supply Co.
Timber Products
Roseburg Lumber Co.
Siskiyou County Road Department
California Conservation Corps
USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service (NRCS)
The Residents and Landowners of the French Creek Watershed

French Creek Fire Safe Council
Chairperson: Richard Van De Water: (530)-468-1214
email: rvdw@sisqtel.net

Fiscal/Administrative Sponsor: Northern California Resource Center
P.O. Box 342
Fort Jones, CA 96032

Larry Alexander: (530)-468-2888

George Jennings: (530)-468-2888

Sugar Creek Water Yield Study

Scott River Cooperative Restoration Area

Scott Valley and Shasta Valley Watermaster District

French Creek Fire Safe Council



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Additional Organizational Sponsorships

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